The old Yunohira post office rebuilding project

We considered rebuilding the wooden building left by old Yunohira post office from the aspect of "Local revitalization" in March, Heisei 14.
Then, on the basis of leaving historical memory of the building, the fundamental structure remained and repaired as an annex of "Yamashiroya Japanese Hotel", and reproduction use was carried out.
The wooden building which received disposal from the post office would be now blown in a new life, and would leave the image of old good hot springs till future generations.

Building appearance (after repair) Building appearance (after repair)
The main building is visible to right-hand side for a while.
Lobby The signboard of the door
A visitor is met at a door entrance.
Old operating guidance Old measure
Drawing room This is a black telephone 40 years ago.
It is adhered to stage of the Showa 30s.
The hotel of the Hiraatsu hot spring in early stages of Showa The old style window frame was reproduced.
It was surprising active stage. I wanted to surely reproduce the rows of houses of the old good Yunohira hot spring street.
Underground dressing room It is a nostalgic hoe low signboard.
See here, it was bicycle-parking space before.
Now is a rest room for hot water.
I received far and near cooperation by many people.
The poster of the old movies The open-air bath
The "hot water of log" is Yufuin special product. (soaking the log of logging in the hot spring
for about ten days, and blanched it).

The open-air bath was made by the back yard of the old pots office One of the idea…
The whole Yunohira hot spring can be overlooked A hole is in the part of bottom, and it becomes dual structure.

 Now, the tendency which repairs the superannuated building (reformation) and carries out reproduction use can see nationally.
Although it also came to see the trial which carries out reproduction use of the public building as another use here and there, I want to leave somehow this building and rebuilding it as "old good hot spring hotel". I believed this is one step of rebuilding "Yunohira hot spring street".

"Yamashiroya Japanese Hotel"