Santouka Taneda(1882〜1940)

「Under drizzling skies Considerations move me To drizzling eyes.」

Santouka Taneda(1882〜1940)This phrase was written by the poet "Santoka Taneda" (1882-1940) in Showa 5 year when he visited the Yunohira.
On that day, poet Santoka was reading book at room, he did not attended that it was raining and the clothes which he washed in river beach got wet. The girl in hotel took in his clothes for him. He was very grateful for her.
"Tonight, I would not drink. It was so well that it could sleep without drink. Although said financial difficulties. Tonight, I still slept well. The hot water is also good and the hotel was also good here. Although said repeatedly, This was a good daytime and this was a good night. "It was describing in the diary [beggar diary]. I would like to protect this mansion to this traveler without forgetting it forever.

Santoka museum "Sigurekan"

Santoka museum The art museum opened in commemoration of the poet "Santoka Taneda" inf Heisei 8 year.
On November every year "Yufuin and the Santoka exhibition" is held.
In exhibition room, the desk and the brush are prepared.
(Open Time) 10:00-17:00
(Admission fee) 100 yen


※We offer the special service for anyone who made reservation from our web page, we would like to serve one free beer or Japanese cold sake (Yunohira no Tabibito) to each pair of person at dinner time.

cold sake"Yunohira no Tabibito"

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